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Literacy and Numeracy at Home 2 years +


This workshop includes:

  • Speaking and Listening - foundation to literacy, how to develop listening skills
  • Early Drawing and Writing - what are the pre writing experiences a child needs before picking up a pencil, pincer grip, self portraits
  • How to grow a great reader - all the vital pre literacy elements, adopt a reading chair, explore different types of books, repetition, rhythm and rhyme ...
  • Sorting, Matching and Set making - foundations, extend classification skills
  • Counting - 1-1 correspondence, symbols, intro to numeracy washing line resource
  • Mathematical Language - the importance of positional/directional language
  • Measures - introduce your preschooler to weight, money, time
  • Logical Thinking - problem solving, task persistence, spatial awareness.
Advice on high quality resources.
I have attended 3 courses held by Wendy and all of them have been fantastic.  The latest one was numerical and literacy skills for 2+ years and myself and the rest of my coffee group left the evening armed with lots of new activities to do with our little ones to help with their learning and development.  Wendy has such a vast knowledge on the subjects she teaches and does so with enthusiasm and a willingness to help.

Regards, Katherine

PUBLIC WORKSHOPS - Literacy and Numeracy in the Early Years
Central Auckland Parents Centre, Athol Syms Community Hall, Epsom, Auckland.
Check the calendar for upcoming workshops

The session is held in your home or one of your coffee group members to allow for a comfortable and relaxed setting for you and your baby.
You select the timing that best suits your Teeny Tiny’s day.

$35 per person (Parents Centre Members)
$40 per person (Non Members)
$50 couple
Minimum of 6 participants
(GST inclusive)

I come to you at a time that suits you and your Teeny Tiny.  We can discuss the individual developmental needs of your preschooler.
Plenty of time for questions and advise.  You will leave feeling confident and knowledgable.


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Teeny Tiny  is an Auckland based Early Childhood Education Specialist company providing inspirational parenting workshops and child development presentations. Coupled with an excellent range of quality learning resources to support your child’s development.




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