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Monkey Bar Certificate Pack of 30

Monkey Bar Certificate Pack of 30
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Moving Smart Monkey Bar Certificates
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A great way to end the year with the Moving Smart Monkey Bar Challenge.
30 Certificates beautifully presented on sturdy card.
A space to write the child's and centres name and date each challenge as it is achieved.

1. The upper body must be strong enough to hold the body in an upright standing or sitting position.
2. The shoulders muscles must be strong enough to control the weight of the arm, and flexible enough to rotate freely to position the arm for writing.
3. The upper arm holds the weight of the lower arm and hand, delivering the hand to the page.
4. The lower arm provides a sturdy fulcrum on which the wrist rotates.
5. The wrist holds the hand steady and rotates to the appropriate position.
6. The fingers fold around the pencil which is held in place by the thumb.
7. Together, all five fingers do a precision dance on the page: a. placing the pencil at the exact angle to meet the page, b. pressing down and maintaining the right amount of pressure to leave the imprint, and c. coordinating the tiny up, down, left, and right movements across the page.
If any of those muscles in that chain of events don't do their job, writing his name will be a very hard thing to do.
Which brings us to the monkey bar challenge !

Read more M is for Monkey Bars blog


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