Congratulations & welcome to the wonderful world of parenting


Teeny Tiny offers support to new parents, with workshops and presentations designed to help babies and parents to thrive.

Unfortunately, newborns don’t come with a user’s manual. Though it would be nice if they did!

While each child is unique, there are common developmental phases in those crucial first few years. Knowing how best to support your Teeny Tiny through each stage can make the difference to their development and wellbeing.

Encouraging Literacy


Wendy Perera, Teeny TIny

Our interactive workshops are designed to answer all the questions you have and guide you through the baby milestones as they come and go.

Join one of our workshops to learn about movement milestones, brain development, safety in the home, play time, and essential books and toys.

The interactive sessions equip you with the knowledge and tools to use at home with your Teeny Tiny.

Each workshop covers a unique stage, including:


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