What learning can your Peg Board support?

In the beginning 

  • Encourage your Teeny Tiny to develop pincer and release grip by removing and dropping the pegs one by one. If you don’t want 25 pegs scattered all over your house simply only offer 5.
  • The pegs are perfect for posting - watch this Teeny Tiny learning to careful post the pegs, using spatial awareness, coordination and perserverance.
  • The next stage is replacing the pegs back into the board. Children will discover that the pegs fit into each hole. This takes perseverance, spatial awareness, hand eye coordination and control.
  • Onto stacking, your child will quickly discover that the pegs can be stacked one on top of the other to create an enormous leaning tower – (see if you can balance every peg) 

Moving on

  • Encourage your Teeny Tiny to recognise and sort the pegs by colour – you can role model this and collect the same coloured pegs into small containers. (This sorting skill can take some time and is a great foundation to numeracy development)
  • Build different sized towers – ask ‘Which tower is the tallest/shortest?” 
  • Develop positional language – on top, beside, in front, behind, underneath.
  • To develop 1-1 correspondence when counting, a child needs lots and lots of practice. By moving one peg at a time into the neighbouring empty row while counting, this can help develop 1-1 correspondence. The physical moving of the peg supports the tactile learner. 

Next comes 

  • Imaginative play develops – the yellow pegs become money, the red pegs become strawberries, 
  • Mr Green visits Mr Blue. 
  • Begin to make sets to a given number e.g. “Can you pass me 4 blue pegs?, “I would like to buy 5 strawberries please”
  • Patterning –make repeated patterns , red, blue, red, blue, yellow yellow, green green.
  • Support addition – stack pegs in piles of 4 or 5 question how many different ways can you make 5. 
  • 1+4, 3+2, 0+5, 4+1, 2+3, 5+0 using the different colours. 

Inspiring parenting and supporting you as your child’s first teacher – have fun! 


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