What learning can your Washing Line support?

Hang your washing line in a high use area of your home to encourage familiarity and interest. 

  • Support your child to identify the different items of clothing and to use the pegs.
  • Matching Game – find matching pairs of clothing and put together using the language “ they match, they make a pair”
  • Your child will begin to recognise the numerals often 2 and 3 are first. Remove all the items leaving only 1-5.
  • Support by rote counting forwards and backwards, mixing the items up – “can you help me put them in the right order?"
  • Treasure Hunt Game – hide the items of washing around the room maybe “the wind has blown all the washing off – lets go find it and put it back up”
  • Hide Your Eyes Game – encourage your child to close their eyes while you remove one of the items. Then when they open their eyes they have to tell you which number is missing using positional language. “Number 4 is missing” “How do you know Number 4 is missing?” “I know because it comes after number 3, before number 5, or between 3 and 5.”
  • When you child is confident with 1-5, then introduce 1-10, then 0, then 0-20.
  • Repeat all the same games

Further Challenges

  • Remove 2 items at a time for the hide your eyes game, or 2 items side by side.
  • Notice the pattern with 1 and 11, 2 and 12 “Did you know that 11 is 10 more than 1”
  • Support your child to count in 2’s and 5’s 

Inspiring parenting and supporting you as your child’s first teacher – have fun! 


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