When will my baby roll over?

The muscles baby develops when they roll they use for crawling the muscles developed when they crawl they use those for walking it all has a flow on effect so here is how to encourage rolling.

First we need to look for the signs that baby is ready to roll 

Strong head control – first sign is that baby is ready to roll is strong head control, to test for this place your hands on babies shoulders and draw them up towards you watch that the head rises at the same time – if not best to work on interactive head control activities rather than rolling ( demonstrate this) you may need to talk through some of the head control activities from the Newborn Workshop if they are concerned.

Mini crunches – they look like mini sit ups baby is engaging the muscles in the core they will need to roll – often misread as a sign I would like to be placed in a seated position recommend as flat as possible for as long as possible is best .

Twisting pivoting, rotating… - all these are signs rolling is on its way.

Baby will often have a preferred side – this is common.
Be observant if baby is proficient at rolling to the left leave them to it and roll baby to the right.
If baby is very good at rolling onto their front only support them to get onto their back.
Bring rolling into your everyday.

Nappy Free Time – highly recommend – the bulk of the nappy is around the hip joint and thus us where baby needs to be flexible to roll so having the nappies off makes  rolling so much easier.
Try bicycle riding and figure 8’s to support the flexibility in the hip joint.


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