Upside Down Time

Balance / Vestibular System

Inside your Teeny Tiny's inner ear canal are tiny saccules filled fluid as we swish and sway or rock our babies this fluid moves the nerve endings like seaweed in the ocean.
This movement stimulates the vestibular nerve which sends a message to the brain to say hey I am moving – ‘am I in balance or out of balance ?’ do I need to move my head of my eyes to regain balance?
Babies need regular vestibular stimulus everyday through gentle rolling, rocking swinging and being upside down.

Upside Down
Demonstrate the position your baby started life in the womb It is important for some part of their day everyday to be upside down or head beneath the hips.
Ways you can achieve this simply when you lift baby from their bassinette lower the head beneath the hips.
You can make them a baby burrito ( roll them up in a blanket)

Swiss ball – gently rocking baby towards you and then away from you and then side to side and all around
The message is slow – the brain takes time to interpret the message.
Use a mirror on the floor.


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