Best Toy Ever

What learning can your Skwish Ball support?

Why we love the Skwish Ball ?

  • It skwishes, it bounces, it rolls, you can pull it, tap it, shake it, throw it, stuff it….
  • Offers the ability to easily clutch and grasp in many ways
  • Lightweight, colourful, robust and travels well
  • Reverts back to the original shape every time.
  • Manufactured from eco-friendly rubber wood, meets and exceeds safety regulations.
  • Has international success  - won several best toy awards 

In the beginning (6 weeks+)

  • Offer the Skwish Ball to your Teeny Tiny to explore visually. Place beside or hold above them to encourage your baby to reach out.
  • Once they have discovered their hands you may like to suspend from a play gym, a clothes airing rack or simply a broom handle between two dining room chairs. (have this as the only item under 3 months – as you may overstimulate) See Overstimulation Blog https://www.teenytiny.co.nz/blog/post/54786/Overstimulation--How-much-is-too-much/
  • This will encourage the early movement milestone of batting – where your baby will reach out and bat the Skwish ball with their open hand.  Cause and effect comes into the play also, as baby’s hand tactilely connects with the Skwish Ball they receive an instant response of a soft rattle sound and visually observe the movement of the beads.
  • A source of wonder, exploration and curiosity.

Moving on (4m+)

  • Place beside your Teeny Tiny to encourage movement, pivoting, twisting, rotating, hip tips and eventually rolling.
  • Sensory Discoveries – everything will go in the mouth – allow your baby to mouth and explore the wooden beads – run through a safety check first – give the beads and rods a tug and pull to ensure nothing is loose – do this periodically with every resource you offer.
  • Place just out of reach when I am at the jiggy jiggy stage (up on all fours) and gently roll forwards every so slightly, to encourage crawling.
  • Watch as your baby swishes the ball as it quickly bounces back to shape.

Next comes (9m+)

  • Encourage pincer grip by running the beads backwards and forwards across the rods.
  • Stuff with a silk scarf to encourage pincer grip and problem solving.
  • Try threading it onto a wooden spoon handle.
  • Play hide and seek, cover the skwish ball with a muslin to support object permanence.
  • Develop audial tracking – shake it behind an arm chair while out of sight and encourage your Teeny Tiny to find you.
  • Hand eye coordination grows as you rolling it between you sitting on the floor.
  • Make learning to catch and throw easy and it won’t break any windows !

Inspiring parenting and supporting you as your child’s first teacher – have fun! 


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