Share a Wowee moment

I love what I call wowee moments – the moment when the penny drops – the look on someone’s face when they realise something  new, fun or different.

Wowee moments are why I do what I do and I measure the success of my days as to how many wowee moments I witness during my presentations. 

Teeny Tiny began when my Coffee Group asked me to present to them in the comfort of one of our member lounges about developing their baby.  I just shared stories of what I did during my day and their faces were priceless.  You read to your baby already?
Touch your toes game, what is that all about?  Do we really need all these toys?  

So what do I do?
The core of the business is a variety of contracts with Parents Centre NZ. 
Presenting to new parents across the first 2 years of life.  Covering Newborn, On the Move, Come Catch Me Crawler and Toddler Time Workshops.

But I found parents want individual answers and undivided attention to their questions and concerns, but finding answers is not always straightforward. There’s an enormous amount of information available to parents and strong opinions about the right approach to take. So in home consultations came about.  Sharing that their Teeny Tiny is an individual and will follow their own independent journey of development and that it’s a process which can be confusing and frustrating.
I provide a deep level of child development knowledge in a short space of time to parents. This approach helps them to navigate the various stages of child development and understand their baby in the privacy of their own home.

Following this I was asked to share this knowledge to larger groups offering private Coffee Group sessions at times that suited babies, not venues.

Now I have had the pleasure of working with the Multiple Birth Association, Toy Libraries, Return to Work Programs for corporate organisations and have nurtured countless wowee moments.  This makes my heart sing.


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