What is a Teddy Bear roll?

A teddy bear roll for your Teeny Tiny can be a great pre cursor to that first independent milestone of rolling.

What a Teddy Bear roll looks like ? When lying on the floor unrestricted, unrestrained and sometimes nappy free helps too 😱 your Teeny Tiny will reach out grasping with the left hand holding onto their left foot, their right hand to the right foot, this connection often causes them to go off balance and rock or roll to one side. Voila, a Teeny Tiny Teddy Bear roll.
Somewhere between 4 and 8 months your Teeny Tiny will find their feet once they have made this connection a Teddy Bear roll may occur.  As well as leading to rolling this movement has the added bonus of  giving me the sensation of being in and out of balance.  Not all babies will find their feet before they roll, some may roll and find their feet after, no one way is more important than the other.  However if your Teeny Tiny is yet to roll - finding the feet will encourage the Teddy Bear roll and in turn encourage independent rolling - hooray.

How to encourage - have your Teeny Tiny spend time barefoot, uncovered, footloose and fancy free.

Engage in a variety of sensory experiences, offer a prickly brush, a silky scarf or soft pompom on those 20,000+ sensory receptors on the soles of their feet.   Remember the Touch Your Toes activity from our Newborn session, give that another go. 

Massage the soles of their feet in clockwise circles, milk out the toes, pinch the heels, stroke the foot, try thumbprints.  

Share a pic of your Teeny Tiny Teddy Bear with us.


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