Nudie Rudie Nappy Free Time

YES I recommend nappy-free time for a number of reasons.  

YES it can be messy.

YES unavoidable accidents will happen.

BUTT (do you like what I did there) the advantages in assisting with motor development are fabulous!


Nappy free time assists with motor development by making it easier, increases the freedom of the hip joint, therefore freedom of mobility for your Teeny Tiny to practice skills such as rolling and getting up on all fours, crawling and eventually walking too.

Nappy free time also helps to avoid nappy rash by offering fresh air that circulates freely and keeps the little butt dry.

It also offers an opportunity for you to learn the cues that indicate your baby is becoming aware of when they pee and poo – essential for learning to use the toilet later.

When your Teeny Tiny is out of their nappy they move more freely and it’s often during this time you will notice the leaps forward in development. First time rolling or the first time they manage to get up on all fours and don’t be surprised if the first time walking are all nappy free moments.


Use a large beach towel, waterproof blanket, puppy pee mat, or mat to lay your baby on.    Avoid carpeted areas if you can – Teeny Tinies can houdini themselves off the mat while you have your head turned.  

Go Outside -  a big blanket or towel out on the grass for them to lie on. If your Teeny Tiny is moving around, crawling or walking just put them down naked on the grass.  Remember to aim for a shady spot or if over 6m apply sunscreen.

Going nappy-free doesn’t necessarily mean your baby goes completely bare. While the bottom area may be free of wearing nappies, your baby’s upper body can be dressed.


Whether it be 10 minutes or 4 hours it all helps. Aim for some nappy free time everyday.  Some days you will forget or be super busy and that’s ok, but do your best to remember as they seriously will love the freedom. Try incorporating this practice into your Teeny Tiny’s daily routine.


Offer nappy free time right after your Teeny Tiny has wee and/or pooed.  It’s not a foolproof way to avoid accidents but lessens the chance. You may begin to get to know, become in tune with the routine of when they are going to poo, wee maybe not so much.

Often your Teeny TIny will give signals like a change in movement, a facial expression or maybe a body position you recognise that they are about to poo. By planning some nappy-free time with the above patterns in mind, you can hope your naked time is mostly free of accidents.  It helps to be observant of the signals that will tell you your baby is about to wee or poo. This way, you can hopefully avoid messy accidents from happening. Get familiar with your baby’s signs.


Make it a sensory experience. When there are no clothes or nappy to separate your baby from the world, the skin (the largest sensory organ in the early months) will be allowed to experience the world in a whole new way. You can gently blow over their skin, cuddle them, massage their limbs and let them feel different textures all over their bodies.

NOTE  Handling Baby Boy Fire Hydrants

Teeny Tiny boys are known to sprinkle, far and wide, as soon as the nappy is removed. Some parents take advantage of the TeePees designed to stop the spray from reaching them during nappy changes. They are cone-shaped, washable, and reusable, they help to minimize the mess during nappy-free time, a small piece of muslin cloth works just as well.  

Perhaps the fresh air on the genital region initiates the fire hydrant – so you could try lifting the nappy off and letting the fresh air in then gently return it for 30 secs or so before you completely remove it – again not 100% fool proof but worth a try - keep your mouth closed is another recommendation.

I am a big fan of nudity, for Teeny Tinies, it offers so many movement and learning opportunities.  So many of my clients have mentioned with delight the joy of watching their little person master rolling so quickly while nude!  Go on give it a go!


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