How can I teach my baby to use stairs?

Stairs can be a terrifying place for parents.

As your Teeny Tiny becomes more curious, discovers and explores new environments , stairs are an interesting and welcoming space.  But the last thing we want to see is a little set of hands followed by a forehead and nose heading face-first down a set of stairs.

So instead let's support the safe navigation of stairs by offering the Down Backwards Technique.

You can employ this as soon as your baby is rolling.

Try practising on the side of your couch

The side of your bed

Perhaps an ottoman

and of course stairs.

How often?  - I would try to offer daily - the more I practise the better I get.

Repeat the phrase DOWN BACKWARD,S DOWN BACKWARDS so your little person learns to connect the verbal prompt with the action of twisting their hips and the feet going first.

Have fun and stay stair safe.


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