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  • Have you ever looked at your baby or toddler and wished they came with an instruction manual?
  • How fascinating would it be to be able to get inside their developing minds and see the world from their perspective?

Witnessing your child develop from a newborn to a toddler and beyond is a truly magical experience.

But it can also be scary, overwhelming, stressful and confusing. There is no shortage of information and advice coming at you from friends, family, the internet, and more. But, combing through it all to get to the useful parts takes time that most parents don’t have.

Knowing how to support your child through each stage of development can make all the difference to their health and wellbeing.


We are passionate about supporting parents with the best baby development information. Also, practical, fun resources that you can instantly engage in to help your child thrive.

With decades of experience working in early childhood education, I am just as passionate about sharing knowledge with new parents as I was when I began my training.

“Thanks to Wendy from Teeny Tiny for presenting a fantastic session on the First Six Months at Cambridge Parents Centre – a great overview the amazing development that is happening over this time plus lots of practical tips to help parents support this. We love cuddles with our babies but now we know the science that supports the fact that all the face to face time is so very important! There was so much useful information – how to appropriately help movement to grow baby’s brain; reassuring us as expectant and new parents and grandparents that fewer well-chosen toys and less baby gear can be more beneficial for baby’s development.”  Sep 2019

Encouraging numeracy


Wendy Perera, Teeny Tiny

My name is Wendy. My love for this business is backed by years of experience. I hold a Bachelor of Education, and a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education).

I am a Movement Consultant for Moving Smart and a mum of two.

Although I have been doing this work for many years, Teeny Tiny emerged when I became a parent in 2005. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy all the pleasures of watching our family grow and develop, alongside the development of a business that I adore.

New parents are faced with so many questions that never stop coming.

  • Should my child be rolling/sitting/standing walking by now?
  • Should I be singing or talking to them?
  • What kind of books or toys should I be using?
  • When do I start teaching them essential academic skills?

Teeny Tiny provides the answers. We help you understand the different stages of baby development and the unique requirements of each.


Meet Naomi

Hi, I am Naomi, a married Mum of two, I manage the marketing, the resources and host the workshops  for Teeny Tiny. I really enjoying helping new Mums with their babies. I have always loved babies and little children since I was young. Teeny Tiny gives Mums new and easy ways to interact with their little ones and I love empowering them with the knowledge to feel confident. It is hard enough being a parent and knowing what to buy or have for your children. That is why the Teeny Tiny philosophy of 'Less is more' resonates so well. I'm proud to be a part of a company that is supporting and teaching new parents.

When I am not helping new parents you can find me enjoying amazing food - I am a chef by trade. You can also find me on the sidelines of the sports field, cheering on my kids, hanging with my family, and avoiding brown chocolate!


We offer inspirational parenting workshops to help support you and your family through the most important developmental stages of your child’s first few years - from newborn through to the early school years.

We can arrange coffee group sessions or private consultations to suit your needs.

We will discuss topics like important milestones, brain development, home safety, play time, and appropriate books and toys.

Learn more about the workshops here.

Or check out the calendar for upcoming presentations in your area.

Teeny Tiny also offers hand-picked, tried and tested, quality books, toys, and games to support your baby's development.

Have a browse in our shop to see what we recommend.

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