Your Teeny Tiny is now busy testing talking, trialling boundaries and taking risks.

It's full steam ahead now as you enter the toddler years

  • Movement milestones like pulling up, standing, walking and running. 
  • When to introduce the first wheeled toys.
  • Time to further develop those fine motor skills, spatial awareness and start getting into problem-solving. 
  •  Behaviour, parenting styles, outdoor play and music are all covered too.
  • This is also a crucial period for language development, we share clear ideas to encourage your toddler's language skills 
  • How to make bath time fun and educational.

Ideal to attend when your baby is between 10-18m, or is pulling up to stand, cruising your furniture or walking.

DATED COURSES are delivered via pre-recorded video content and a live Zoom Q&A.  Please allow 35 mins for the prerecording, this content triggers our conversation at the Q&A.  Allow an hour for the Q&A presented via Zoom. You will get the opportunity to ask individual questions and learn alongside other parents of Teeny Tinies at the same stage.

 option is 30 mins of prerecorded content this will be emailed to you.  You have 3 weeks of access.

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