April Covid 19 Update
Your Teeny Tiny will love having you at home, but how are you doing ? Thriving, diving or just surviving ?
Great news for you we have moved all our engaging workshops online ! Simply register your choice in the Shop and I look forward to meeting you in your home.

All of our resources are having their own little house party, we are welcoming pre orders that can be shipped as soon as lock down lifts.
Take care in your bubble
Wendy xx

Scissors - Green



Koopy automatic return hinge scissors.

Why should my Toddler be learning to use scissors?  We encourage independent access to scissors between 2-3 years old. Scissor skills come with practise, lots of practise.  Practise on fun things to cut like sticks, grass, fabric, cardboard - maybe not so much curtains, carpet or hair !

Koopy Scissors are strong and durable, made with brushed stainless steel blades to withstand even the toughest youngster, the return hinge supports the tricky part when learning to use scissors which is the return , I am very good at the downward motion but the return is tough. 

They are real scissors so will cut things I want to cut - throw away your plastic paper cutting only scissors. Come along to our Toddler Time Workshop and have a go yourself.

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