April Covid 19 Update
Your Teeny Tiny will love having you at home, but how are you doing ? Thriving, diving or just surviving ?
Great news for you we have moved all our engaging workshops online ! Simply register your choice in the Shop and I look forward to meeting you in your home.

All of our resources are having their own little house party, we are welcoming pre orders that can be shipped as soon as lock down lifts.
Take care in your bubble
Wendy xx

Where is the Green Sheep?



My Teeny Tinies favourite and sure to be yours too.  Where is the Green Sheep? was awarded Children's Book of the Year. We love this title.

A book of opposites and contrasts, challenges Teeny Tinies to find the green sheep in a flock of blue and red sheep, near and far sheep, sun and rain sheep, and more.

Spoiler Alert - check the last page you might just find the elusive Green Sheep.

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