Manhattan Natural Skwish Ball


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The Classic Skwish goes natural. The award-winning Skwish fascinates babies with its twisted web of rods, strings, and beads. Skwishes and returns to its original shape, with beads that slide and rattle.The Skwish is a great multi-sensory toy that introduces cause and effect while encouraging the development of gross motor skills such as grasping and reaching.

Ideas for Use

  • Begin with hanging in reach from your play gym to encourage batting
  • Attach to links and your bouncinette
  • Encourage cause and effect through shaking and rattling
  • Baby will bring to their mouth around 4m for sensory discovery
  • Pincer grip will develop as they move the beads along the rods
  • Stuff with a scarf and allow baby to pull out

Demonstrated during our Newborn Workshop

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