Sensory Play Gym Hang


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Your Teeny Tiny will explore and learn through their senses.

The Sensory Play Gym hang encourages the first movement milestone of batting, hang within reach so baby can connect with it.

It is important to allow your Teeny Tiny to place objects in their mouth as this is how they discover their world, what is hot, what is cold, prickly, hard and soft.
Safety is paramount so do a safety check and sensory play is always under supervision.

The Sensory Play Gym hang can be separated once mouthing begins - allow your Teeny Tiny to explore each item.

Wooden Ring – made from beech wood great for baby to hold and bring to their mouth – can add to the sensory stimulation by tying the supplied ribbon.
Wooden Ball - roll in front your Teeny Tiny to encourage eye development. Once your baby is grasping they will bring the ball to their mouth to explore.
Twine Ball - light and easy to hold, your Teeny Tiny's tongue will manipulate around the textured edges encouraging the development the muscles in the mouth and tongue.

Which will become your favourite?

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