Sunnynook CCMC1 - Fri 22 May 7-11m

Teeny Tiny


Friday 22nd May 2020


Sunnynook Community Centre

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Sunnynook Community Centre

Having a mobile infant is a whole different ball game! Time has flown by and your baby is starting to explore their environment. This can be a worrying time for parents, as you figure out how to make your house safe while encouraging and supporting this new phase.
These sessions are extra fun, as you get to bring your Teeny Tiny along for the ride! Together, we will learn about crawling styles - what is important and how to encourage movement. We talk about ACC recommended home safety, as well as an upgrade to books and toys to stimulate a developing mind. 
It may also be time to start considering Early Childhood Education options too. So, we help you out with priceless advice on how to take the first steps towards this.

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