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MY FIRST SENSORY PLAY SET contains 8 play items chosen to specifically enhance: children's sensory development through sight, touch, sound and smell; develop fine motor skills; encourage eye tracking; promote curiosity; foster imagination and of course encourage PLAY! 

MY FIRST PLAY SET is designed with young infants in mind, in particular, but certainly not limited to, 0-6 months. Young infants are drawn to the vast array of textures, reflective objects & monochrome colour. A perfect start to your heuristic play journey! 

Each set contains a:
Wooden cross - great for teething & easy to hold
Scruffy disc - soft to touch & lightweight
Material teether -  great for little hands & sore gums
Polka dot scarf - perfect for newborns as they are drawn to monochrome
Reflective sphere - to encourage two handed object control, also great for the bath
Gold bowl - lightweight & fascinating object
Bamboo handle brush - easy to grip & great for stimulating the sense of touch
Jar ring - lightweight & great texture, especially for soothing gums

Our heuristic sets are the perfect introduction to the theory of loose parts play. Your set items come delivered in a cotton bag so you can take your treasures on-the-go!
Give your child the gift of PLAY and boost their brain power through the many educational benefits of heuristic play, including (but not limited to): 

Stimulates all the senses
Promotes sense of discovery and a wide range of complex play ideas
Ignites creativity and imagination
Supports all areas of the curriculum for Early Childhood Education (NZ)
Strengthens fine and gross motor skills
Sparks children’s own ideas and theories
Promotes a sense of self achievement, boosting self esteem

*sometimes due to availability, we replace items in this list which are of similar size, shape & price

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