2. ROLLING - On the Move 3-6m



There are a whole new set of challenges and milestones to enjoy in the 3-6 month stage. With your Teeny Tiny beginning to roll around and working towards sitting up, the next stage of development is in full swing.

  • Rolling - the first independent movement milestone - why, how, when and what is a Teddy Bear roll?
  • When will my baby find their feet?
  • Sitting - latest advice and thinking about moving towards solid food
  • Balance System  - interactive playtime ideas to develop this through upside downtime
  • Baby Furniture - what do I really need? 
  • Lots of time to opportunities for individual questions.

This workshop provides tips and practical advice on rolling and sitting and gives fun ways to develop your baby's balance system. We look at some fun ideas for interactive playtime to stretch your baby's imagination and physicality now that they have so much more awake time. Plus, we will also discuss the next stage of baby furniture, the pros and cons, offered in a safe and fun environment. 

Ideal to attend when your baby is between 3-6m or has strong head control and is showing signs of pivoting, twisting, rotating – getting ready to roll.

The dated courses are delivered via pre-recorded video content and a live Zoom.  Please allow 1.5 hours for the content review and Q&A presented via Zoom. You will get the opportunity to ask individual questions and learn with other parents of Teeny Tinies at the same stage. You will be emailed the links 2 days prior.
The workshop only option you will be emailed a link to the 30 mins of pre-recorded content only.

Presented by  Wendy Perera an Early Childhood and Movement Educator with a passion for supporting new parents and their Teeny Tinies to thrive.

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