1. NEWBORN - Thriving in the Newborn Months - Birth - 3m



Although it may seem like not a lot is happening with a newborn, rapid changes are going on behind the scenes.  

  • Brain Development – the first year of development
  • Overstimulation– how much is too much?
  • Primitive Reflexes – these underpin all movement. 
  • Help my baby hates Tummy Time – what do I do?
  • Baby Furniture what do I need what to buy/ not to buy?
  • Language and Literacy -do I read to my baby already?
  • Toys - how much to stimulate.
  • Lots of time to answer your individual questions.

We will fill you in on all the movement milestones, brain and reflex development, talk about appropriate furniture, books, toys and play to help baby thrive, and answer all your burning questions in a safe and fun environment.

Ideal to attend when your baby is between 1-3m, please get to know your baby for the first 4 weeks and then I look forward to meeting you both.

The dated courses are delivered via pre-recorded video content and a live Zoom.  Please allow up to 1.5 hours for the content review and Q&A presented via Zoom. You will get the opportunity to ask individual questions and learn with other parents of Teeny Tinies at the same stage. These links will be emailed 2 days prior.

Yes, you can purchase a GIFT VOUCHER for friends and family new to the parenting world.  Simply select Gift Voucher from the dropdown menu, add your giftees name and email address details to the additional delivery notes.   A voucher containing a code will be emailed to them, or you if you choose, your lucky friend is then able to book their preferred workshop date.

The workshop only option you will be emailed a link to the 30 mins of pre-recorded content only.

Presented by Wendy Perera - Early Childhood and Movement Educator


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