TENACIOUS TODDLERS - testing talking, trialling tantrums and taking risks. FACE TO FACE


TENACIOUS TODDLERS - testing talking, trialling tantrums and taking risks.

Ideal for Toddlers between 10-18 months

It's full steam ahead now as you enter the toddler years - movement milestones like pulling up, standing, walking and running.
This is the time to develop those fine motor skills, spatial awareness and start getting into problem-solving. 
Behaviour, parenting styles, outdoor play and music all covered too.
This is also a crucial period for language development. Does it all sound a bit daunting? 
Our workshop will make it simple, giving you clear ideas to encourage your toddler's language skills and make things like bath time fun and educational.

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"I attended the 10-18m workshop to help give me ideas of things to try out with my 16m physically active toddler. I already have a preschool daughter but his personality is very different- I was wondering how much I would actually get out of this as a second time round parent, the answer in the end was lots. Wendy shared ideas that were easy to implement with things primarily around the house taking care to focus on the specific needs of the group as she went. The biggest thing I took away was the connection between movement and language development. Having this insight and confidence from having my questions answered has enabled me to greater understand my toddlers world and help him develop his language through movement activities. He's loving it and I'm loving that he is less frustrated. " 
Amanda May 2020

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