3. CRAWLING - Come Catch Me Crawler - 6-10m



Having a mobile little person is a whole different ball game! Time has flown by and your baby is starting to explore their environment.

  • Together, we will learn all about crawling- the various styles, what is important, and how to encourage this new movement.  
  • This can be a worrying time for parents, as you figure out how to make your house safe while still encouraging and supporting this new phase – what is the right balance?
  • Time for an upgrade to your books and what toys stimulate the developing mind of your 6-10 month old.
  • It may also be time to start considering Early Childhood Education options too. So, we help you out with priceless advice and suggestions of quality indicators including tips on how to take the first steps towards this.

Ideal to attend when your baby is between 6-10m or is up on all fours preparing to take off crawling.

Please allow 1.5 hours for the Content Review and Q&A presented via Zoom. You will get the opportunity to ask individual questions and learn with other parents of Teeny Tiny’s at the same stage. Links will be emailed 2 days prior to the Q&A.

Presented by Teeny Tiny  Wendy is an Early Childhood and Movement Educator with a passion for supporting new parents and their Teeny Tinies to thrive.

"On Wednesday my son was moving backwards no problems but hadn't mastered forward movement. After implementing Wendy's advice for crawling encouragement, he is now moving forward, just 3 days later. Love the easy practical advice that you give Wendy and simple tips Have made such a huge difference!"  Amy June 2020

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