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1 x PEG BOARD A classic wooden board with 25 pegs to be stacked on one another. Make a variety of coloured patterns and see how high they can go. The best numeracy resource spanning the ages from 12m - 5-6 years.

What learning does the Peg Board support?
This is a great wooden toy for colour sorting, patterning, number grouping, addition and subtraction, height recognition and hand to eye coordination.

1 x FIRST 100 ANIMALS - The ideal animal picture book for toddlers growing their gesture and vocabulary . Build little ones' vocabulary with 100 animals, all with bold photographs and beautiful illustrations.

Bright and colourful themed pages cover pets, farm animals, big beasts, cute baby animals, and animal colours and patterns. 100 First Animals is a large board book with a padded cover and 
Crystal-clear photos show the wonder of the animal world, while engaging illustrations tell simple stories that stimulate talking, from a swan with her cygnets to a fish being chased by a smiley shark! Word labels encourage pointing, naming, and picture-and-word association. Cleverly designed to inform and entertain, 100 First Animals makes learning an exciting adventure for your Teeny Tiny.
A great combination of photographs and cartoon stylised images.  Introducing the point and identify stage remembering that animal sounds come before animal names.
Now what sound does a giraffe make ?

1 x CHALK Great for Teeny Tiny Toddler hands to master.
6 pieces of thick non toxic chalk to work on your driveway.
Your Teeny Tiny will begin with big vertical lines,  holding the chalk in the club grip, working down with gravity.  This will then turn into scribbles or circular motions until finally some symbols start appearing.  An easy to clean option as the next time it rains its gone and you get to start all over again.
Remember to use the words - chalk is for drawing with ( ie not for eating- although this is non toxic so safe it it does and it will end up in your Teeny Tiny's mouth)
Have Fun

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